Wednesday, March 20, 2002

I am suffering the spiteful pains of a most brutal mouth ulcer at the moment. I seem to have been vulnerable to these things most of my life. Like the spots I endured during adolescence I always believed that the current affliction was the last - the body is changing all the time and this is "just a phase".

I can go months without them, believing I've seen off the last of these pernicious monsters, then seemingly for no particular reason, the first signs (located by salty food or toothbrush) of a pin prick sized "white head." At first a subtle reddening will accompany it as the blood's anti bodies rush to neutralise the intruder. Later the minute white dot and red ensemble develops into a transparent yellow/grey oval shaped and shallow blight, set in a sea of vicious red - ready to bring misery to its host for days.

Impervious to all treatments I have yet to find a satisfactory comforter or cure. Still, it has provided material for this blog - write about what you know seems to be the advice, and I know these things bloody hurt!


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