Thursday, March 21, 2002

I am feeling the the strains of being a weblog neophyte. Doing my usual trolling around various news websites I kept a wary eye on any interesting nugget that might provide material for today's entry. And I found one. Combining my love of words, societal and cultural matters and drinking to excess (only when circumstances dictate) I stumbled (!) across the BBC Booze Programme's 141 words that describe, in some context or other, the physical and psychological state of being drunk.

The list is chock-full of interesting sounding neologisms such as "befuggered" and "fecked" and many more. But sadly this entry is going to run out of steam pretty soon as reach the point I set out to make. I had intended to provide a link to the website from which these references have been culled so as to illuminate and enlighten fully my single reader ( Hi Gran!). Sadly I failed. All efforts to create the link were frustrated by " page not available".

This is a curve of learning of hitherto unknown steepness. I shall persist.


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