Friday, May 17, 2002

It's something of a surprise to me, but I seem to have been on the receiving end of, if not quite a bite - at least a polite nibble from the rampaging online quiz bug. Whether it's due to the proliferation of OLQ's and the quirky belief which participants seem to show in the revelation that they are anything from a fictional character to a sock of a particular colour I don't know.

Which Dicken's novel are you? typifies the kind of question - and you will know whether you are indeed: Great Expectations or The Old Curiosity Shop once you have decided how you wish to answer specifically chosen multiple choice questions which present alternatives from which you can, with a little a concession here and a tad of contrivance there, match yourself. Through this process of personality trait recognisance, similarities emerge which determine how your personality, through its revealed characteristics can somehow be associated with or parallel to the perceived personality of an article or other thing. I guess it's a sort of meeting between the theory of the Pathetic Fallacy,employer/employee psychometric testing and Women's mag writers.

But I ain't one to sniff. How else would I, could I, know that I am a spunky ( here's that crudity again!) fun, fantasy believing Purple Shimmer of a Doc Marten boot. Shoot, I might even go out and buy a pair to give myself a nice little top to toe ginchiness when they're worn with my new mascara which I am proud to announce is my Inner Beauty Product.

This latest quiz fazed me slightly when asked whether I preferred to wear a lacey thong, skimpy or big knickers - I went for the b k s blokishly imagining my snug boxers to be biggish and knickerish rather than anything gauzy and teeny.


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