Saturday, May 04, 2002

As a father of two growing sons I have had to become accustomed to having the music of the TV Channel Kerrang resounding through the house. This was not the thinking behind purchasing a television the size of a small car with more speakers than your average political party conference and packing more woofers and tweeters than a domestic menagerie. But at least through it and them I have become unwittingly and vicariously semi knowledegable about a subject as arcane as Nu Metal including Coal Chamber, System of a Down and Korn. The exchanges have gone from the standard parental response of:" Turn that racket down" to " Which band is that, and Who's that again - Puddle of what, the Lost who, Linkin where?" And they've stopped telling me to "shut up", even though the nearest I ever got to Creed was through the added suffix plus Clearwater Revival. I have even been able to gain a little credence of my own with them and their chums by being able to extol the talents of Metalica and Iron Maiden who despite their grizzled appearance having drank,shocked and misbehaved during a previous era are still mustard cutters for the K generation. Not to mention Ozzy Osbourne, America's latest imported domestic celebrity - "No lads, I wasn't actually there during the bat decapitation thing, but I knew someone who knew someone whose cousin was there." You get the picture.

I should point out that during my efforts to collect links for this post I think I have failed to do justice to CCR, as they seem to be now known. They're obviously big in Spain and Germany as most of the websites dedicated to them are written in the languages of these countries. As it is the site used here is little more than a tinky-tonk set of musical pieces based on the bands hits tastily arranged using squeaky Bavarian accordions with a lederhosen thigh slapping percussive. The bells and triangles accompaniment apparently performed by the exchange pupils of Nutfield Community School for tin eared children. Mary would not be proud.


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