Friday, April 26, 2002

Obconic are Andreas Karperyd and Mattias Tegner. They're Swedish musicians involved in the ElectroAcoustic/Ambient genre. Electronically oriented and focused towards the dancefloor. Apparently. I know this because the poor Swedes looking for information about their heroes keep getting directed to my site. I wish I could say that I chose the name of this weblog after this rather impressively obscure bunch.

Unfortunately, the truth, as often in life, is far more prosaic. Having never even heard of the word before - here rejected by this - we can give you "opsonic" or "upchucking"(do the good folk at Merriam Webster know more about me than they're letting on?) but not obconic - It came about through the fevered plundering of an old, battered and beloved edition of Chambers. Under pressure to find a word to use as part of a website address - I harboured illusions of uploading a site onto Blogger from Tripod - amongst others, I soon realised all my favourite words had been taken millennia ago. The list almost embarrassingly predictable "Serendipity" was one (groan) and other clever ideas: "Gonzo"and "Mugwump"- from the world of journalism - mugwump blimey! What an ugly bugger of a word now I look at it. All gone. And it simply had to be a single word as the address as offered by this site host was already about, well, as long as this page. Perhaps longer! It incorporated most if not all the punctuation marks ever invented - like a gussied up sentence by a mad grammarian. So it had to be short.

During this time I was under the influence of two OB prefixed weblogs I seldom visit now. But at the time I thought where better to be placed than beside these two worthies on any future register? Obconic was found and duly accepted. Then I abandoned the whole Tripod thing as I couldn't get it to work, discovered Blogger and stuck with it in the heat of the moment and used it to name the site. Short, a bit ugly and a tad obscure. And conical, attached to the point!


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