Monday, April 22, 2002

It's unlikely that I shall ever be able to give many handy web-site tips as most of my web time is spent looking at well known sites that everybody knows. My efforts could easily resemble something like: Here's a good site well worth checking out, found it by accident last night, it's called BBCOnline; almost as good as another I stumbled over a couple of months ago and could also be worth a look: Guardian something or Looks and comments of utter disbelief/loathing/pity etc would be the deserved response. A chorus of: "This guy is a serious johnny-come-lately bless him, it's all so new. Look, he's getting excited; just where was he 2/3/4 years ago?" (Probably more, I must be careful not to confirm my own parody).

Of course I would not presume to parachute from the sky into the middle of something bright or emerge blinking into the light from self imposed troglodytic denial and suddenly start saying: "Hey try this,and this,and that". And bore others much farther on in the journey with embarrassingly tardy references just because I've noticed that: "If you make this thing round and add it to that thing it might make that thing move more easily". Or insult the progress made by clumping around pointing inanely at something new just because I've given my head a monumental waggling and used a carpenter's chisel to scrape the crustaceans of sleep from my eyes.

But, and please excuse the pretentious preamble, I did notice THIS and I for one will use it. If only for a while. And if only to get it out of my system. And to turn shite into creative profit!


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