Sunday, May 26, 2002

The first casualty of spending a few hours tinkering with technical matters, something for which I am woefully ill equipped, is in finding the time to fashion a decent quality post. I have little time for that at the moment. I shall instead refer only to the current task - the changing of this site's template.

Deciding that " Sportscast" - which I think was the template name of this site's previous look was a little...clinical, a visit to Blogskins was needed. I checked out a few attractive looking backgrounds together with some absolute horrors including a yellow thing called Lemony something which had me screwing my eyes and letterboxing my mouth as if I had licked its acidic sourness from my PC screen. I think I have settled on this.

Known as "Vanilla" the creator had received this eulogy from one enthusiast: "So creamy I could almost have put a spoon into it." During the transition - which is ongoing, I'm embarrassed to say, I could happily have put my boot into it ( Purple Shimmer was it?). That's not a negative reaction to the look of the site, more frustration at my technical ineptitude. At the time of writing I have: no Archives, The "Comments" are AWOL ,and the Registration Icons have metaphorically shown me their version of the middle finger before packing up and leaving (I shall be reproached/banned by the more severe unless reinstatement comes quickly) or Stats link. I could receive one or one million hits today and feel just the same. I could be behind the formulation of the most inspired comments in the minds of others or quitely dismissed as unworthy of their thoughts. Liberating, yet frustrating.

All things considered It should be worth the effort.


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