Friday, June 28, 2002

I had no intention of returning to the subject of handshaking so soon, but having fallen victim of a particularly cruel and unsporting variant: 'The Finger Squeeze', recently, I think there's a little mileage in it yet.

Received wisdom has it that a firm handshake connotes strength of character, and that the limp weak offerings of some, condemn their personalities as weak and ineffectual, like their grip. But there are other variations, styles and nuances between and either side of these examples all of which, apparently, have something to say about us.

My finger squeezer apparently "likes to keep someone at a comfortable distance." He is an "insecure type of person who equates brute strength with personal power." He uses his hands as "weapons to dominate and overpower people." And finger squeezers probably ripped the wings off flies for entertainment value when they were kids it might have added, but didn't; so I just did.


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