Sunday, March 24, 2002

I feel somewhat deflated today and fear it will affect my writing, so a shorter entry might be advantageous to all. One of my other weblogs, I have two, not because I am greedy (though I am afflicted with that sin sometimes), but because as a weblog newbie I thought it might be an idea to have one that could be used as a practice area. The idea behind this idea was to flit about with html (still weird science to me) and to delve tremblingly into the (for me) forbidding zone of the template. In short it was a place where my experimentally-induced foul ups, my naive tweakings and hesitant flirtations could languish, unseen and of no interest or value to anyone.

But dear reader, some semi-literate got into it. How, I shall probably never know. Its title was changed and my entries consisting of a mixture of error filled efforts and a few little victories ( how to include email-a considerable mini conquest for me) removed. And in their place, oh the pain, the shame; several sentences of mispelt travesty making clumsy reference to my plight. Grrr. You fucker!!

Of course an email to Blogger is winging its way to whomsoever - but my confidence has taken a bit of a blow.


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