Friday, April 19, 2002

I don't suppose I shall win any blogging awards turning Google request hits into posting topics, but I am again amused and bemused by one recently spotted: "London Marathon Vomit", requested today and directed to my site. As a possible good source for this material, Google cannot really be criticised. Close observers would have noticed an entry of mine so near to our anonymous searcher's request it could almost have been the relevant posting's title ( should I have elected to title, which so far I haven't.)

"London Marathon Vomit". Could our searcher have been aware of the unfortunate Morrocan's yack-ups, or just excited by the gallons which must have flowed from the thousands of competitors on the day. And is he/she right now hoping to acquire some of the vomit, believing it to have been collected by enterprising individuals all with a "nose" for a profit and decanted into bottles with the label (Genuine) London Marathon Vomit. Bottled. Matured in London 2002. Actually bottled on the day! Gotta be worth a few bob in years to come.

Crikey, if this site should ever be reviewed I hope the reviewer dosen't focus on the recurring vomit theme.
"The writer of this veritable curate's egg of a site seems to have an unhealthy fascination with the curdled regurgitations of partially digested food. He has been known to indulge in crudely conceived similes: as, for example, his descriptions of a flailing lizard's tongue; to freewheeling about vomit preservation and historical significance. The man, in short, is sick (so to speak").


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