Wednesday, April 10, 2002

There probably should be a weblog newbie health warning placed somewhere convenient - like the Blogger home page, for indicating that reading too many blogs while trying to cope with the: "blogger as a work in progress " development thing, could be dangerous. Based on personal experience I think that too much time spent reading other blogs - particularly before making your current post - brings with it a danger, in that, exposure to a multitude of styles too early in your blogging career could be detrimental. When confronted daily with a riotous assembly of themes, ideas, language, grammatical excellence/inventiveness; all the excellent, mad, flawed, rich mix that's out there, it does give you cause to wonder about your own methods and material. Often I find myself encountering more interesting lives than my own that seem to have far greater resources of material. A wider circles of friends, more interests, better grasp of sentence structure - language, words, web design; whatever it might be, the tendency (and I'm sure I'm not alone) towards unflattering comparisons with one's own efforts emerge. And if I'm not alone in thinking this, I am fine with it.


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