Monday, April 15, 2002

Question: What does Morroco's A El Mouaziz and me have in common? Answer we both suffer from a lousy sense of timing. I only watched about ten minutes of yesterday's London Marathon, but managed inside those ten minutes to see some very unappetizing images. Running in fourth: A El Mouaziz could obviously hold it in no longer. In full view of the BBC1 camera set up to capture the glee and relief of the exhausted runners seconds from the finish line, up popped Mouaziz and out flowed the agitated contents of his stomach. Not a sight you see too often thank goodness. The normal pose of the upchucker is a sort of head down roughly parallel to the knees with hands on the knees so as to support the fragile and gently heaving upper body. Here however we were given the spectacle of someone in running at full throttle with a ribbon of vomit emanating from his mouth like a giant lizards flailing tongue.

The colour and consistency was quite a surprise. I would have thought all that water drinking would have resulted in a clearer issue. This guy must have been re-hydrating on his way around the course on a ghastly brew of custard creams and banana milkshakes.

There were some big enthusiatic kisses given to many of the runners as they finished, some of them must have been quite spittle - sticky. No one however seemed keen to give very much physical attention to poor A El Mouaziz.

On a completely different note - do humble opinions consider this to be a good deal. I am so tempted after so many enraged moments - tears could easily flow, things could so easily be broken. I think for the sake of my sanity I shall have to do it. The difference in cost compared with my present deal is pretty negligible. But is this the best one?


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