Tuesday, April 09, 2002

At some point I am going to have to construct a blogroll - if only to offer thanks by means of acknowledgement to the creators of the sites which I am finding, for reasons many and diverse, to be part of my daily required reading. Not all good sites of course can be considered as daily fare. Not all sites are updated daily. Whether to include them in any roll of honour therefore becomes dependent on how I decide to define the rules of entry - should they be good or should they provide the goods daily as well as being good. There are some really good sites around that don't seem to be updated from one week to the next. They're good, no question; but they can also be frustrating. Should I include sites that give me frustration? What about those sites that belong to a kind of localised elite. They appear on every roll on every site worth the effort of drawing breath to mention, and post one line - albeit daily, and received 36 comments! Is there any point in including them? They don't need the plug. Again I suppose it comes down to the question, why have a blogroll and what is its true purpose?

"Here are some sites that I enjoy." "Blogs I read." "If you enjoyed this you will love these." And so on. The answers to this dialectic are to be found in the individual interpretations of what a blogroll means. I've thought about this too hard. It doesn't matter. Just stick down the ones you like you silly sod - no-ones going to analyse your inclusions and omissions. You're an insignificant tiddler in an ocean of creativity and your opinion ain't that important.

(Apologia) The above are nothing but technical blog related thoughts which through time constraints have had to serve as a posting.


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