Thursday, April 04, 2002

There has been a change. Apparently I am no longer partaking in what could be called the second sign of madness: writing to oneself. I don’t' know if this follows the conventional bloggiquette, but (cue the tones of oleaginous reciprocity and other back scratching references) I would like to thank the following bloggers: Gert: at mad musings of me: (cue disembodied voice couched in the manner of an announcer at a film awards ceremony) " Gert a seasoned blogger takes an active roll with (amongst others) "Blogging Brits". She carries out reviews of Blogs as and when they come to her notice. And she's honest - if you're good she'll say so, if you're shit be prepared to choose a new hobby". Runs a great site and has time in. Respect. Thanks also to Stuart: a little empathy goes a long way, but I still say I am the worst HTMLer on the planet. You both have the honour and distinction of releasing me from moon howling cyber anonymity.


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