Friday, May 31, 2002

Degringolade and Zaftig are the latest words I've added to my personal lexicon. The problem with words of this kind is their obscurity. Neither could be used if the avoidance of obfuscation equates to good writing. To liberally pepper your writing with deliberately arcane words is to risk accurate accusations of pretentiousness. But sometimes it feels good to write recently coined or revived words, which may after all, through finely nuanced distinctions, give a more accurate sense of precisely what it is you are trying to say. That said I have no wish to inflict in any serious way, any readers of this Blog to either of these horrors gems; except to say that the French football team could be said to have suffered from the first, following their loss against Senegal. And that Big Brother 3's delightful Jade's physical form could be described quite accurately using the second.


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