Monday, March 25, 2002

Watching a low budget Australian film recently I was given a timely lesson in street wisery over book learning. Raw agile thinking versus semiotics. There was a scene where a man was watching his sexy mini skirted girl ( I don't know what relationship they had but it was looking terminal here) walking away from him. Once she had reached a certain distance from him he called to her. She turned around and he blowed her a kiss. She turned back round and continued walking, but as she did so she reached around and lifted her skirt to reveal a taut buttock, and smacked it. A feisty girl I thought, demonstrating the curves that would no longer be his pleasure. "Kiss my ass" was the more accurate observation made by my ( he would admit this) uncultured friend, alert (unlike me) to the the symbolism. Hmmm, perhaps my brain requires a few tweaks.


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