Tuesday, April 02, 2002

I recently registered my details with the Friends Reunited Website. For the one percent of the country, (or any reader hailing from outside of these shores) unacquainted with this phenomenon, this is one of a crop of Websites specially created to allow people to exchange memories from their school years and in some cases reunite, using the site as a go between.

I paid my five pounds annual membership, failing to see the point in signing up for free and then being told I can't contribute my details or memories to the site as a non-subscriber. Others I know are happy to register and then sit back and wait and see what happens. A typical response might be " Oh that's meee!"seeing their name on the site, followed by a rueful aside like " Oh dear who's going to be interested in me?" Then settling into a routine of nervously checking the Website once a week looking for old chums, recognising the odd name, agonising over what to do about it, then doing nothing.

I though, recognised an opportunity when it presented itself, to get a bit lairy with the old teachers, some of whom I remember were not exactly models of virtue. So it was with tears of justice in my eyes that I reeled off teacher profile after teacher profile in an effort to settle old scores, to run through the litany of petty injustices and the roll call of undeserved tellings off and beatings. There! Old grievances aired and made public. And I felt instantly better, especially once the site controllers, following complaints from readers, (doubtless the teachers) removed some of the more unforgiving examples.


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